Velcome to "LittleArt"! Handmade Norwegian Design!

Unique Design! Candle Cuffs handmade in Brass and Copper with a Range of Gemstones and semi-precious Stones. Please take a look at "Lysmansjetter" in the Menu.

Nordic Design!

"LittleArt" can offer you:

Jewlery with Spirit of Nature!
Look at "Smykker med Sjel".

Classic Jewlery!
Look at "Klassiske Smykker".

Classic Earrings!
Look at "Klassisk Ørepynt".

Candlelight Cuffs!
Look at "Lysmansjetter".

Paintings! Spirit from the Nordic Nature!
Look at "Malerier".

Moccasins! A Dream for your feet!
Look at "Mokasiner".

Leather Mittens!
Look at "Skinnvotter".

Gaiters! For Hikes all Year around!
Look at "Gamasjer".

A must when picking Mushrooms!
Look at "Soppnett".

For your Business Cards!
Made of Horse Shoes. Look at "Visittkortholder".

For your Photos!
Frame made of Horse Shoes. Look at "Fotoramme".

For your Cell Phone! Made of Horse Shoes!
Look at "Mobilholder".

Flies for Flyfishing!
Original Design! Look at "Fiskefluer".

The Materials used
are especially selected from Nordic Nature, from Birds and Animals in the Mountains and the deep Forests of Norway.

The Materials: Feather and Bones from Birds, Beads made from Antlers, Bones, Stones, Teeth, different kinds of Wood Materials and  a Spectre of Gemstones and semi-prescious Stones.
Natural Materials from other Parts of the World
are also used.
The Classic Jewlery are made of Stones, Gemstones, Glass, Swarowski Crystals, Freshwater Pearls, Hematite, Onyx, Silver, Copper, Brass, Steel and Wood Materials.

Some of the Necklaces comes as Sets with Earrings.
Each Product is made of durable and genuine Materials.

One of a kind!

You´ll never find anyone with exactly the same!

Please contact
for your Order or any Question!

When you order, please state the Art.number and Name of the Product.

We can change lengths on Jewellery.
If you order Jewellery, state  the desired Length, if the Jewels Length do not match you!

Do you have a special wish?
Please tell us!

"LittleArt" do special Designs in Colours
and Style for you.

Shipping Costs/
Price Postage

All prices is in NOK/N.Kr.
 Norwegian kroner.
Please use a Valuta Calculator
and current exchange.

Package to Europe/EU
First Class Mail/A-Prioritaire (Pr. 1.1.2012): 
100 grams/3.53 ounces 41,- N.Kr.
350 grams/12.34 ounces 56,- N.Kr.
1000 grams/35.27 ounces 102,- N.Kr.

Package to USA
First Class Mail/A-Prioritaire (Pr. 1.1.2012): 
3.53 ounces 67,- N.Kr.
12.34 ounces 100,- N.Kr.
35.27 ounces 177,- N.Kr.

The order will be sent you after payment.
Postage comes in addition to price for every order.
Account Number will be stated when ordering on
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